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Networking Services

IT Networking Services


Outsourced IT Networking Services 24/7 365

Chaney Systems Computer and Networking Services provide exceptional Outsourced IT Networking Support 24/7 - 365 a year. Our solutions-oriented team has the expertise to help you acquire, manage, deploy and increase your most precious asset - knowledge.

We understand that your investment in technology is an investment in your company's future. As a Solutions Provider, we constantly evaluate the industry's leading hardware and software choices. Using our internal lab environment and real world experiences, we strive to provide each client’s project with the right blend of products, people and services to deliver your corporate goals and vision. We choose products that demonstrate a progressive and proactive approach to delivering leading edge technology that fits your enterprise budget.

At Chaney Systems we blend technology and knowledge to meet your goal of increased enterprise-wide productivity.

Proficient with all network operating systems and topologies, from mainframe, midrange and UNIX to the PC network, we specialize in systems integration. Using only proven engineering solutions by such manufacturers as Cisco, HP, and IBM, we can maximize your technology investment. We understand the importance of your investment in LAN and WAN technologies, and the need for total systems integration to ensure the return you expect.

Bringing together thorough product knowledge and superior engineering expertise allows Chaney Systems to expel negative concerns about installation, implementation, and ongoing support from an "outside" company. We are strong partners with Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Novell, IBM, Cisco, and APC just to name a few. You can be sure that at Chaney Systems we can install and support anything we sell!

Our service and support model provides a balance to minimize customer cost and maximize customer satisfaction based on your corporate vision.


In a perfect world, people would all speak the same language. However, we live in an imperfect world, and like the interpreter, it is the Systems Integrator that binds the dissimilar.

Systems Integration is the key that allows you to deploy the best available technologies and provide the synergy your investment deserves. We permanently staff integration experts in all disciplines related to Local and Wide Area Network Architectures and all current Operating Systems.

Our expertise extends from wiring infrastructures and hardware to network operating systems communication, application implementation and custom programming.

Systems must be sustainable and we design systems from the drawing board for sustainability (with cost efficiency in mind). From our deployment of front office networks to manufacturing control systems, this philosophy has been a key to our success and the success of our customers. Chaney Systems is well known for high quality integration services.


With the rapid growth of new networking technologies and solutions, it takes increasing technical expertise to determine the right network architecture for your organization and its future.

As an organization's network grows, they sometimes find themselves under trained and understaffed, lacking the people or expertise to implement new technologies.

Chaney Systems realizes your technical resources may need to be supplemented by an experienced team of professionals. Chaney Systems offers you an experienced integration team that will give your organization the opportunity to quickly generate results and enhance your competitive edge.

Whether you are upgrading an existing LAN/WAN or installing a new solution, Chaney Systems provides a single point of accountability for the entire system. We will design, install, and maintain your local and wide area network.

Chaney Systems Offers:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Certified Professionals
  • Design Services
  • Documentation
  • Hardware and Software Support and Installation
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Management Consulting
  • Messaging and Communications Systems
  • Network Analysis
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Pre-Sales Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Support and Emergency Services
  • Strong Vendor Partnerships
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration and Installation
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting and Audits
  • VOIP

Network Performance

Complete network performance base-lining and documentation.

The key to successful, proactive network maintenance is first knowing and understanding the current configuration and performance. Before Chaney Systems embarks on a maintenance program with your network, we will spend time analyzing your current network resources. We will run utilities to determine network performance base-lines, and then produce documentation of all of your hardware and software and how they interconnect. We will record computers and other network equipment, their location and function on your network and, if available, serial numbers and other information that may be useful for future service needs. We can also audit all of the software in use on your network in order to verify that you are in compliance with all software vendor licensing rules and regulations.

Network Security

Internal and external network security breeches are on the rise as more corporations connect to remote locations and add trusted systems to their infrastructure

This industry is at an age where the existence of security is at an all time low and the threat is at an all time high. The rising cost of recruiting, training, and maintaining in-house talent has become an expensive and unmanageable task. Chaney Systems understands these issues and addresses corporate concerns utilizing a very thorough and cost-effective method.

ur reputation in the security industry is based on almost 20 years experience and success in the corporate environment.

We provide a host of services to help our clients identify a plan of action and the technologies required to secure their resources. Our staff has been involved in countless projects that involve industries such as hospitality, medical, manufacturing, government services, and banking, to name only a few. If you need full service information security consulting, integration, auditing or other security-related solutions, call Chaney Systems today.

Our highly experienced security team provides the following services:

  • Destructive Code Scanning & Content Filtering
  • Development of Security Policies & Procedures
  • Firewall Implementation
  • Hardware Inventory & Software Compliance
  • Incident Response & Investigation
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Network Security analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security & Access Control
  • Secure Architecture design
  • Secure E-mail Services
  • Training Programs
  • Virus Detection & Mitigation Planning
  • Virtual Private Networks


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